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Products & Services

Available Services Include

  • Custom molded foot orthotics either from digital imaging or plaster mold, rigid or semi rigid
  • Custom AFO’s, KAFO’s, HKAFO’s and all other types of leg braces
  • Custom and non-custom knee braces
  • Custom molded and custom fitted spinal braces including Scoliosis bracing
  • Custom and non custom upper extremity braces and splints
  • Static and dynamic contracture management braces
  • Prosthetics for both lower limbs and upper limbs
  • Certified Mastectomy fitting
  • Infra red scanner for custom cranial helmets, TLSO’s and prosthetics
  • Canine Orthotics and Prosthetics

Featured Products



The Dynamic Re-alignment Orthosis (DRO) is a new technique for controlling muscle tone and enhancing motor learning and neural integration. Every DRO is made custom to measurements taken by our well trained staff and fabricated to fit each patient individually. This Orthosis is made from a material called lycra with reinforcement panels to give compression and direction to the patient while they where it. The dynamic compression gives the body proprioceptive feedback and provides musculo-skeletal support.

Through the use of a DRO providing constant support and sensory information the patient is given the effect of therapeutic handling for the time that the garment is worn. Clinical observations and studies have shown that people with abnormal muscle tone have a capacity for achieving control over movement when suitable feedback is provided. With adequate musculo-skeletal alignment and postural stability and control, functional performance is enhanced. The evidence available shows that wearing the DRO leads to an improvement in positioning, posture and function. This is thought to be due to the stimulation of the somatosensory and musculo-skeletal systems leading to changes in tone; postural alignment, improved proximal stability and improved biomechanical advantage for muscle activation and enhancement of learning strategies. For more information on the DRO please contact our offices.

CJ Socket Technology

CJ Socket

We are excited to introduce a new prosthetic socket technology for above knee and upper extremity amputees. The two biggest problems that amputees have with wearing a prosthesis is that they have traditionally been made with a rigid socket that never changes and is uncomfortable to sit on or have rest against the body. Everyone’s weight changes throughout the year and unfortunately that also means that the size and shape of any amputee’s residual limb will change as well. The CJ socket technology has an adjustable non-elastic “sail” that can be adjusted to accommodate volume changes from day to day. Now instead of having to have a new socket made, patients can just tighten or loosen their sail as needed.

Since the rigid frame of the socket is on the outside and front of the leg, when wearing the CJ socket patients can actually sit on the sail. So instead of sitting on some rigid frame and having it dig into the rest of your body the patient actually gets to sit on fabric enhancing the comfort of the prosthesis. With the increased comfort of wearing this socket comes a longer wearing time. The more the limb is worn the better the patient gets at using it providing greater mobility and a better quality of life. Please contact our office for more information about the CJ socket technology or visit their website at

The A.C.M.O.


Throughout the years Physicians and Orthotists have tried to develop the best way to treat contractures and limited range of motion in patient’s ankles. In recent years the owner and founder of Pioneer Valley Orthotics & Prosthetics, Frank Twyeffort, CPO has invented a device that work and is minimally invasive to our patients daily lives. It’s called the Achilles Contracture Management Orthosis (A.C.M.O.). This brace provides a prolonged stretch stimulus to the muscles encouraging them to grow longer and increase a patient’s range of motion. To date the closest anyone has come to a device like this has been serial casting which prevents the patient from removing the device for bathing and is difficult at best to walk in. The A.C.M.O. can be removed daily for bathing and hygiene and has a walking base incorporated into the design that is adjusted as each patient’s range of motion increases. More Information

Bioness Foot Drop System

Bioness Foot Drop System

Many Patients who experience an inability to regularly raise their toes when walking and have a tendency to trip a lot have what is commonly referred to as foot drop. This is usually brought on by an upper motor neuron injury or disease such as an Incomplete Spinal Chord Injury, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Cerebral Palsy, or Multiple Sclerosis. The Bioness L300 Foot Drop System is a functional electrical stimulation system that sends a low-level electrical impulse to specific nerves in your leg which activate the muscles that pick up and control your foot. Foot Drop is usually controlled with a rigid Orthosis or AFO. These braces work well however in having the brace do the work of the muscles, those muscles have a tendency to atrophy. With the Bioness system the muscles are stimulated to perform their normal function and so there is no atrophy. For more information on the Bioness L300 Foot drop system feel free to contact our office or visit the Bioness website,

Canine Orthotics

Canine Orthotics

After servicing our human patients for many years we were approached in the late 1990’s to start building orthotic devices for canines. Over the years we have built several braces for our four legged friends of all different types. From static splints for hyper extension of joints to knee braces for ACL tears.

Each brace is custom to the individual canine and helps to prolong and improve their lives. Used either to support a surgically repaired joint or to support muscles and ligaments that can no longer support the dogs weight, our custom braces have helped many dogs.

Pediatric Orthotics

Pediatric Orthotic

Since the founding of Pioneer Valley Orthotic & Prosthetics we have always paid special attention to the pediatric population. By acknowledging and treating problems with children when they are young we can help prevent deformities later on in life as well as help the child out grow the need for orthotic intervention later in life. Our practitioners have extensive backgrounds in pediatric care which allows us to bring a unique perspective to treatment options for children. We are involved with a children’s clinic that meets several times a month where not only do we offer any bracing solutions but a complete team of doctors and therapists work together to provide a comprehensive treatment plan for each child. For more information on this clinic please contact our office for more information.

Cranial Scan

Many of the services we provide for our pediatric patients include upper and lower extremity orthotics, Dynamic Realignment Orthoses, Achilles Contracture Management Orthoses, Protective Helmets as well as Cranial Remolding Helmets. Our Cranial Remolding Orthoses are created by using a digital scanner to make a model of the child’s head. This allows us to make a mold without having to cast the patient’s head and is just as, if not more, accurate than older casting techniques. More information on Achilles Contracture Management as well as Dynamic Realignment Orthoses can be found in more detail on our website or for more information on any of our services you can contact our office to speak with any of our well trained staff.